We Can Ensure That Your Product Launch is a Huge Success

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When it’s time to launch your product, a few well-crafted press releases are no longer sufficient. It’s important to create buzz leading up to the launch, create excitement about the day of release, educate your consumers, get messaging exactly right, and come out of the gate with an excellent marketing plan. We will begin working on plans for your product launch from the earliest possible stages.


Software Operations


If you are launching an app or software product, it’s important to take steps that the rollout goes smoothly. This includes, having support staff in place to take on the inevitable influx of user requests and questions. Our team will help you predict the amount of operational support that you will need during, and immediately after your product launch.


Product Marketing


Once your product is launched, there will be no rest. This is why we will help you to develop a strong marketing strategy that will carry you through the launch stage and beyond. This includes developing a content strategy, identifying target customer personas, conducting market research, and identifying the best paid advertising options. We’ll also help with the development of landing pages.


Product Communication


The first thing we will do is help you to create a messaging strategy. This begins with the marketing analysis we conduct. We identify your potential target customer groups, and then determine the best way to reach them. In addition to this, we will also determine the publications and journalists who will be most interested in featuring your new [roduct, and craft pitches the meet their needs. For example, if we reach out a technical publication, we might focus on technical features and specs. If we reach out to consumers through social media, we will likely focus on price, ease of use, and functionality.


Speaking of social media, we are more than aware of the potential for using this platform to create buzz and anticipation. Because of this, we will help you to plan a social media strategy that works for your brand both pre and post launch. This includes determining the best platforms to use, the possible creation of a microsite, and planning for content.


Consumer Education


Many brands have failed, simply because they dropped the ball when it came time to educate consumers about their products. If customers don’t know what your products will do for them, or how easy they are to use, they aren’t going to buy them. Consumer education efforts include creating product demos, getting free trials out to customers in exchange for feedback and reviews, and sharing lots of content about your product, and the problems that it solves.


Focusing on Customer Needs


Too many tech companies focust on product features. Instead of doing this, we identify potential customers, and what your product can do to make their lives easier. For example, if you have produced a golf shirt that has sensors that sends data to ann app about your swing, heart rate, or calories burned per hour, we will focus on the benefits of wearing your shirt. We’ll leave the tech stuff up the folks who are truly interested in that.