Minute of life

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How It Works

We’ve all used Facebook and other messenger apps to reach out to people that we care about. This is fine for casual communications, but there are times when it is appropriate to send something a bit more heartfelt. There things to be said that deserve more time and effort than simply typing up a wish of goodwill and adding a few emojis.

This is where Minute of Life shines. This app gives users the opportunity to create minute of life messages that can be viewed, by recipients, on social media channels. Even more exciting is the availability of an augmented reality option that gives senders the ability to integrate their message with a marker that can be attached to any gift.

Our vision is to be your intelligence

First, the user goes to the Minute of Life website and selects the message they want to send. There are templates for sending an apology, telling someone you love them, sending a birthday wish, and more. You can also opt out of selecting a theme. Then you are ready to create your message. You can record a live video or upload existing videos and images. If you would like, you can even add sound. Next, you make a choice. Do you want to send a normal message, or use AR technology. If you want to send a normal message, you just let the app know who, when and where. If you want to send an AR message, there are a few more steps. In this case, a QR code is created. This can then be sent to the recipient via email, or made available for printing. The recipient then scans the QR code and then views your message by pointing their device at a marker image. Marker images can be viewed online, or attached to gifts such as t-shirts.

We’re so happy to have been a part of the creation and launch of a product that truly connects people to one another. We also look forward to our continued partnership with the team behind the Minute of Life app.