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Speak Up

LooksAR has taken this common phrase to the next level. They’ve taken augmented reality technology and developed a product that literally allows consumer products to speak for themselves. We are proud to say that we’ve gone all the way.

It would be an understatement to say that NetFix was excited when approached by the LooksAR team. Augmented and virtual reality technologies are very excited and our designers and engineers were eager for the opportunity to jump in the sandbox.

Our vision is to be your intelligence

Imagine walking into a store with your sweet tooth in high gear. You scan the candy shelf looking for something a bit higher in quality than the standard, mass-market chocolate bar. Then you see it, an unfamiliar candy bar with intriguing packaging. You pick it up and notice the QR code, so you scan it with the free LooksAR app. This launches a video about the candy bar. You learn the story of the origins of the cocoa beans, the fair trade policies the manufacturer follows, and the environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing processes.

Now, imagine the possibilities that businesses using LooksAR technology have available to them.

  • Providing product details that could never fit on a package or label
  • Strengthening trust and building customer relationships
  • Creating amazing user experiences
  • Using visuals in ways competitors have never considered
  • Collecting valuable data
  • Getting customers to think about a product in new ways
  • Promoting charitable activities

LooksAR partnership:

  • Winterbottom Consultants who have combined our technology to maximize the reach of their business cards.
  • World Wine Company who have partnered with LooksAR to educate wine aficionados and even suggest pairings.


We are proud of the role we have played in this startup’s success. We also look forward to working with this team as their technical offerings evolve and improve. LooksAR has a bright future as a company that has found a way to build an innovative product that will give other brands promotional and marketing opportunities that they wouldn’t have dreamed of a year ago. Their innovation and brilliant idea, partnered with our proven processes, project management, design, engineering, and focus on UX and Quality assurance has truly resulted in a revolutionary product. We encourage all who are interested to check out the LooksAR website in order to learn more.